ERO Board


The Board of the Energy Regulatory Office, which has five members, has run the Energy Regulatory Office since 1 August 2017. One of the Board´s members is the chairman of the Board. Members of the Board and its chairman are appointed and dismissed by the government at the proposal of the Minister of Industry and Trade.

The session of the Board in in conformity with the Rules of procedure. The Board adopts decisions by voting. Each Board member has one vote. A decision of the Board is adopted if at least three members vote for it.  

The Board is regarded as a civil service body in accordance with the Act on the Civil Service.

ERO Board

Ing. Stanislav Trávníček, Ph.D. - Chairman of the ERO Board

Ing. Ladislav Havel - Member of the ERO Board

Ing. Martina Krčová, MBA - Member of the ERO Board

Ing. Petr Kusý - Member of the ERO Board

JUDr. Markéta Zemanová - Member of the ERO Board


Ing. Stanislav Trávníček, Ph.D.
Chairman of the ERO Board

Mr Trávníček graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague (ČVUT FEL). 

Mr Trávníček first worked in the information technology field in the year 1995, since the year 1998 he worked in the energy industries. Between 2004 and 2012 he worked as the electricity division director in the ERO. Particularly preparation of the regulations and analyses while determining regulated prices fell within his authority. He was also the member of the work groups for electricity in the CEER and ACER organization in Brussel. Between 2005 and 2008 he presided over market participants committee at the Czech electricity and gas market operator (OTE).

Since the year 2012 Mr Trávníček worked on a managerial position at the Ernst & Young company, where he participated on the forming and designing different aspects of electricity market. He was also concerned with strategic consultancy for energy companies in the Czech Republic and in the Middle and East Europe region, particularly with analysis of European and national legislation impacts on the market participants, tariff models proposals and issues of using new technologies and processes in the energy industry. Since the August 1, 2019 he was appointed as the Chairman of the ERO Board. 


Ing. Ladislav Havel
Member of the ERO Board

Mr Havel studied at the Czech Technical University in Prague (ČVUT) between 1972 and 1977.  After graduation at the ČVUT, he worked as a research worker in the Research institute at Group of engineering and manufacturing companies (ČKD) in Prague (1977-1980). Mr Havel has been active in the energy sector continuously since 1981, he has worked in the field of the long-term energy development policy with focus on energy sector in the whole spectrum of the field (i.e. power generation, distribution and others). 

He worked at the Ministry of Industry and Trade on various positions, for instance between 1991 and 1993 on the position of the adviser of Ministry of State and also he was the director of the electricity and heat supply industry division between 2012 and 2019. 

Since 1992 until his nomination to the ERO Board, Mr Havel held various positions in the bodies of the state enterprises and energy companies (member of a Supervisory Board, Chairman of a Supervisory Board, Chairman of a Board of Directors, Vice-chairman of a Supervisory Board).  For example Mr. Havel was the Chairman of the Board of Directors in the Czech electricity and gas market operator (OTE) between 2004 and 2011. Mr Havel was co-author of the Act. No. 222/1994, particularly Act. No. 458/2000, on the Conditions of Business and State Administration in Energy Industries and Changes to Certain Laws (the Energy Act) as amended and all of its essential Amendments (Act No. 670/2004, Act No. 158/2009, Act. No. 211/2011 and Act. No. 131/2015) and implementing Acts. On May 1, 2019 Mr Havel was nominated to the ERO Board.

Ing. Martina Krčová, MBA
Member of the ERO Board

Mrs Krčová graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Management of the Czech University of Life Sciences and also from the Brno International Business School (B.I.B.S.).  In the 1997 she started her work on the Ministry of Industry and Trade on the position of the Ministerial Council for regulation in the energy field. 

Since the 2001 she worked at the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO). Between 2002 and 2003 she hold a position of the head of analyses department. Between 2003 and 2009 she worked as the director of strategy division, she was responsible for economic regulation in energy sector and preparation of regulation reports and legal regulations in the secondary legislation. 

Since 2011, Mrs Krčová after nomination to the function of the Vice-chairwoman for regulation, she was responsible for publishing final decisions, regulatory reporting for licence holders and legislation within ERO Energy law competences. Between 2015 and 2017, she worked as a Vice-chairwoman for the European issues and strategy. She was in charge of ERO international activities and she also took part on preparation of common processes for implementation of the new European energy legislation and on coordination with the Agency for the Cooperation of European Regulators (ACER). In 2019 Mrs Krčová has been concerned with municipality energetics and its decentralization at the Prague 7 Municipality. On August 1, 2019 she was nominated to the ERO Board. 

Ing. Petr Kusý
Member of the ERO Board

Mr. Kusý graduated from the University of West Bohemia in Plzeň (ZČU FEL).

After graduation, Mr Kusý has started to work at the ERO as a regulation specialist in the electricity division, in power supply and network department. He was mostly concerned about technical and economic analyses, renewable sources of energy and quality of electricity supply. Later as the director of statistics division between 2011 and 2013 he created new statistics electricity system and was responsible for publication of reports on the operation of the electricity grid and of the gas system. 

In year 2014, Mr Kusý held position of the director of analytical-statistical division, where he was responsible for complete data support for regulation in electricity, gas and heat industry. In 2015, he went over to the function of director of statistics and quality monitoring division. On this position, he was the head of implementation of new statistics for heat system. On August 1, 2019 he was nominated to the ERO Board. 


JUDr. Markéta Zemanová
Member of the ERO Board

Mrs Zemanová graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. Following her master's course, she successfully earned a Juris Doctor's degree and following the completion of her attorney training Mrs Zemanová was admitted to the bar.
From 2004 to 2006, Mrs Zemanová worked as lawyer at the Vysočina Regonal Authority. Between 2006 and 2012, Mrs Zemanová practiced law at a law firm in Jihlava, with a focus on civil and corporate law. In the years 2007-2010, Mrs Zemanová also worked as a part-time lecturer of specialized classes at Jihlava's College of Polytechnics.
Since 2013, Mrs Zemanová has worked at the Energy Regulatory Office; first as a lawyer in the legal department and subsequently as a head of unit (2017-2020) and the head of department (2020). Since the beginning of 2020, Mrs Zemanová has been in charge of the Administrative Proceedings Section. During her time at ERÚ, Mrs Zemanová has been responsible, in particular, for legislative and legal support to the Office in all fields of law. She has contributed to several revisions of the Energy Act, she has also dealt with consumer protection issues and civil service regulations. She has been a member of Steering Committee for the development of a new energy act as well as several other expert groups tasked with drafting legislation for various government bodies. On 1 August, Mrs Zemanová was appointed to the ERÚ Board replacing the outgoing Dr. Rostislav Krejcar.

Chairmen of ERO Board since August 1, 2017 

Ing. Stanislav Trávníček, Ph.D.: August 1, 2019
Ing. Jan Pokorný: May 1, 2019 - July 31, 2019
JUDr. PhDr. Vratislav Košťál: August 1, 2018 - November 30, 2018
Ing. Vladimír Outrata: August 1, 2017 - July 31, 2018


Chairwomen and Chairmen of ERO since January 1, 2001 until July 31, 2017

Ing. Alena Vitásková: August 1, 2011 - July 31, 2017
Ing. Josef Fiřt: September 1, 2004 -  July 4, 2011
Ing. Pavel Brychta, CSc.: March 22, 2001 - August 31, 2004
Ing. Pavel Prouza: February 8, 2001 - March 21, 2001 (entrust with the power)
Ing. Jana Novotná: January 1, 2001 -  February 7, 2001