Conflict of Interests

On January 25, 2017 was issued Act no. 14/2017 in the legal code, by that was changed Act no. 159/2006 regarding conflict of interests, as subsequently amended and other related acts. From September 1, 2017 by this amendment many aspects have changed in the conflict of interests sphere, besides other things also implementation of the central registration body and central electronic notification register within the scope of the Ministry of Justice of Czech Republic.

In connection with the implementation of the central electronic notification register, the amendment has given duty to the public officers to report notifications according to the Conflict of Interests Act in the electronic version on the unified form, of which a structure and a format is set by the Ministry of Justice by the Implementation regulations no. 79 from February 23, 2017. 

Activities of the previous registration bodies were taken over by the central registration body after implementation of amendment, where previous registration bodies according to previous regulations still have the duty to keep and store data in the documentary form about conflict of interests and requests for inspections into notification register filled before the amendment for the duration of 5 years from the act force, i.e. until September 1, 2022.