Welcome to the website of the Gas Industry Department of Energy Regulatory Office. The Gas Industry Department is in charge of regulation in the Czech gas industry.

The Price Decisions section offers the current price decisions concerning the gas industry.

The Communications section contains important decisions and notices concerning the gas market (for example, interpreting positions on some regulations - public notices, notices of the approval of the transmission/distribution system operation rules, notices concerning gas storage in the Czech Republic, etc.).

The Regulatory Reporting section contains regulatory templates of statements to holders of licences for gas distribution, gas transmission and gas storage, who are, under Act No 458/2000 (Energy Act), obliged to furnish the Energy Regulatory Office with financial and technical data.

The Statistics section offers statistical data on the Czech gas industry (characteristic gas industry data, average ambient temperatures in the Czech Republic, natural gas consumption in, and imports into, the Czech Republic, etc.).

The Methodology of Regulation section outlines the process of developing the regulatory framework during the current second regulatory period, the regulation formula, and the procedure for calculating the efficiency factor.

Section Consultation processes contains information about Gas Market Rules, Network Codes , Terms of Trade and TYNDP.

The Frequently asked questions section contains customers' most frequently asked questions, which the ERO staff have singled out from the correspondence in previous years.

The Gas Supplier Switching section offers information intended to help customers in their decision-making on a potential change of their gas supplier.

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