Organisational Structure

Division of the ERO Board

  • Internal Audit Department fulfills tasks given by the Act no. 320/2001, about financial control in the state administration, as subsequently amended 
  • Safety Director/GDPR 
  • The Board Office Deparment


3 Sections and 1 Division: 

Regulatory Activities and International Cooperation Division


  • above all regulatory framework, supervision over markets and support of the economic competition, international cooperation and participates on the formation of legislation. The division also prepares and issues price decisions, prepares implementing regulations to the Energy law, sets up the rules to organize the energy market and prepares monitoring and analyses of the proper function of the energy market, further the division lays down required quality of the products and services. In the scope of their activities the division communicates and cooperates with the foreign regulatory bodies. 

Administrative Procedure Division


  • activities of the legislative and legal character. Other key activities of the section is the control and supervision over the consumer protection.  The division also prepares law proposals and other statutory instruments and administers legal acts in the licence area. Further the division also does supervision over the integrity and transparency of the wholesale energy markets in the extend of the Regulation (EU) No 1227/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council on wholesale energy market integrity and transparency („regulation REMIT") on the national level.

Supervision Division


  • supervision of compliance with the Energy law in the electricity, gas and heating industry,  obligations set by the act about the consumers protection in electricity and gas industry, and also by the law about prices in the extent of law about authorities of the Czech Republic in the prices area. All the inspections are done in compliance with the Act no. 255/2012, about inspection (inspection law), if it is not defined otherwise by the Energy law. Energy regulatory office executes inspections from its own initiative or on the initiative of the Ministry of industry and trade. Before the start of an inspection from its own initiate, Energy regulatory office also first evaluates the legitimacy of the person, who initiates it. 

 Administrative Office Division 

  • secures, coordinates and organizes material and technical functioning of ERO, processes budget proposals on the relevant year, secures accounting, statistics and analyses, cooperates with keeping the books within Energy regulatory fund within the meaning of an article 14 of the Energy law. The division is also responsible for the administration and coordination of a public procurement processes. Furthermore the division processes proposals of human resources policy, suggests the ERO systematization, is in the charge of the systematization position list and organizes training and personal growth of employees.         

The total number of employees is set on 296.