About ERO

The Energy Regulatory Office ("ERO", "the Office") was set up on 1 January 2001 under Act No. 458/2000 of 28 November 2000, on the Conditions of Business and State Administration in Energy Industries and Changes to Certain Laws (the Energy Act) as amended, as an administrative authority responsible for regulation in the energy sector.

The Board of the Energy Regulatory Office ("ERO Board") has run the Energy Regulatory Office. The Office is based in Jihlava and it also has offices in Prague and Ostrava (Contacts).

Competences of the Energy Regulatory Office:

  • Price controls
  • Support for competition in the energy industries
  • Supervision over markets in the energy industries
  • Support for the use of renewable and secondary energy sources
  • Support for the combined heat and power generation
  • Support for the biomethane 
  • Support for the decentralized energy production
  • Protection of customers´and consumers' interests
  • Protection of licence holders' vested interests
  • Protection of legitimate customers´and consumers' interests in the energy industries.


The ERO operates as an independent chapter in the state budget and does not have any economic activities, any ownership interests in domestic or foreign companies, or any special-purpose transfers; it is not entitled to provide subsidies and returnable financial assistance, does not have any expenses resulting from licensing contracts and does not have any subordinated organisational components.


The ERO's powers and remit do not include the following areas:

• Building energy labels (handled by the Ministry of Industry and Trade);
• Energy auditors (handled by the Ministry of Industry and Trade);
• Determination of taxes (handled by the Ministry of Finance).