Department of Electricity and Gas Industries Inspection

Oversight carried out by the Electricity and Gas Industries Inspection Department is divided into three core areas: oversight over compliance with the laws within the ERO's competence, in particular supervision over compliance with the Energy Act in the electricity and gas industries; oversight over compliance with price regulations, i.e. Act No 526/1990 on prices, as amended, and the ERO's related price decisions effective in the year under review; and oversight over compliance with Act No 634/1992 on consumer protection, as amended, in the gas and electricity industries.

Electricity and gas industries

Special emphasis is also placed on handling the submissions and complaints received by the ERO from juristic and natural persons (customers and consumers). The complaints and questions can be divided into two basic areas. An area of submissions that do not fall within the ERO's competences and the ERO refers them to the competent authorities, and an area of submissions justifying suspicions of infringement of legislation falling within the ERO's supervisory powers; these are addressed by way of qualified answers or inspections..

Oversight in the electricity industry

Another part of the Office's oversight activity is geared towards supervising compliance with particular provisions of the Energy Act. The subject matter of the inspection is, inter alia, compliance with licence holders' rights and obligations, breaches of the prohibition of activities in the protection zones of electricity grid installations, keeping the method for allocating electricity procurement costs when this commodity is provided to a third party without a licence, and keeping the standards of supply and service quality in the electricity industry together with checking the technical condition of equipment through which electricity is supplied to final customers.

Oversight in the gas industry

Oversight in the gas industry mainly focuses on compliance with the Energy Act by the relevant licence holders, final customers and other persons. A special group of reviews conducted in the gas industry includes checks of prohibitions and restrictions related to activities in the protection and safety zones in the gas system. Checks of the duties of owners of properties into which gas is supplied for customers in such properties, focus on whether the shared equipment serving for gas supply is maintained in a condition consistent with legislation, technical standards and technical rules facilitating safe and reliable gas supply, so as to prevent such equipment from causing a risk to life, health or property.

Other oversight activities

On the basis of evaluating suggestions from the outside, i.e. contained in consumers' submissions, the ERO starts inspections for suspicion of infringement of consumer protection legislation (in particular the prohibition of unfair business practices) in respect of the rights associated with contract rescission. On the basis of the ERO's own monitoring and suggestions from the outside, inspections focus on licence holders' obligation to provide, when offering and selling electricity and natural gas to consumers, complete information enabling consumers to know the final offering price (covering all taxes, customs duties and charges) before executing agreements on bundled services of electricity or natural gas supply, and on the obligations related to the publication of changes in electricity and gas supply prices.