Department of Supported Energy Sources Inspection

With a view to exercising its statutory powers of supervision over the energy sector's compliance with regulation and over the performance of obligations under the Energy Act, the Energy Regulatory Office has set up a POZE Inspection Unit [POZE = supported renewable energy sources], the supervisory competences of which are geared towards energy produced from renewable sources.

The POZE Inspection Unit is responsible for ensuring, as part of the ERO's oversight activities, oversight and supervision over compliance with the provisions of the Energy Act which concern the observance of the rights and obligations of holders of licences for energy generation from renewable sources. Under Section 2 of Act No 165/2012 on supported energy sources and amending certain laws, as amended, renewable energy sources are understood to be renewable sources of non-fossil natural energy, which include the energy of wind and solar radiation, geothermal energy, energy of water, soil, air, biomass, landfill gas, sludge gas of wastewater treatment plants, and biogas.

The across-the-board subsidies, initially set too generously and intended, under the original plan, to help integrate renewable energy sources into the Czech Republic's energy mix, have gradually resulted in a disproportionate burden on energy prices for final consumers at present, which is caused by their payments. If this segment of the energy sector is to remain sustainable, major ups and downs and unpredictability in the structure of subsidies should not take place in the future, while a subsequent disproportionate burden on energy prices must not be allowed.

The POZE Inspection Unit's oversight and supervisory activities are directed towards ensuring that the payments of operating subsidies to renewable energy producers are justifiable, effective, and for the purpose intended.