Supervision in the energy industries
Section 18 of Act No 458/2000 on the conditions of business and state administration in the energy industries and amending certain laws (the Energy Act) as amended by Act No 350/2012

(1) The Energy Regulatory Office shall supervise compliance

a) with this law in the electricity, gas and heating industries and with the obligations laid down by the law on consumer protection in the electricity and gas industries,

b) with the law on prices to the extent of the law on the remit of the authorities of the Czech Republic in the area of prices,

c) with the Regulation on conditions for access to the network for cross-border exchanges in electricity, the Regulation on conditions for access to the natural gas transmission networks and the Regulation concerning measures to safeguard security of gas supply, and the directly applicable legislation adopted on their basis or for their execution,

d) with obligations arising from the Commission's or the Agency's decisions delivered on the basis of legislation under c) and obligations arising from the Energy Regulatory Office's decisions delivered under Section 18 (3) or Section 18a (3).