What to Do with Door-to-door Salesmen?


Bear in mind that the primary interest of the trader/door-to-door salesman is solely and exclusively your money and that he will never give anything for free. Therefore do not accept from anybody any presents, such as a set of light bulbs for a discount price, if you do not intend to switch your supplier and conclude a new contract with the salesman. Should you have doubts about the offer, do not sign anything, give yourself time to think and consult the offer with your relatives.

Do not show to anybody any documents about your current energy suppliers, utility bills, do not provide your SIPO documents or your personal ID. Be aware that your current suppliers have in their possession all documents and details about you as their consumer; hence, they do not need to ask for them. In general, the consumers can be advised to avoid agreeing on anything with a door-to-door salesmen. These salesmen often seek only the commission they receive from a signed contract.

If you have signed anything and you wish to change your decision and settle the matter without any sanctions, you, as a consumer, may withdraw or terminate a contract concluded outside business premises or via remote communication means (namely by telephone).

You may withdraw from a contract within 14 days of its conclusion (Section 1829 of the Civil Code, Section 11a(2) of the Energy Act) and terminate a contract by notice within 15 days after the commencement of electricity or gas supply (Section 11a(3) of the Energy Act).

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