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Recommendations for consumers - How to protect yourself against unfair commercial practices

If you have problems with electricity or gas supply, services or billing, you should address first of all your supplier, who should be able to resolve the following types of problems:

• Complaints about invoices or services,
• Connection of supply points,
• Switching suppliers, or complications with switching suppliers,
• Termination of contracts with suppliers, or withdrawal from contracts,
• Imposed contractual penalty with which you disagree,
• You are in the mode of unauthorized offtake.

Some suppliers have their own ombudsman. If you are not satisfied with the conduct of the supplier's front-office employees (e.g. it is call center), please contact first their ombudsman.

If the supplier does not communicate with you or you are not satisfied with the way your submission has been handled (complaint, grievance etc.), contact our Consumer Protection Unit.

If your problem with the supplier is a major or protracted issue or you are, for example, in social distress, contact the Department of Consumers Legal Protection.

The Department of Consumers Legal Protection can be contacted only by consumers who are natural persons who are not entrepreneurs. Legal entities and natural persons who are entrepreneurs have to contact the Consumer Protection Unit.



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The following areas (the list is not exhaustive) do not fall within the ERO's competences and remit: