Personal Data Protection


Hereby Energy Regulatory Office informs persons (hereinafter referred to as "ERO" or Office), whose personal data are processed within ERO activities (hereinafter referred to as "data subjects") about their rights relating to set processing. When processing, Office conforms to the legal regulations, that concern personal data processing, primarily the Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council. This data processing is done only in the necessary extent and for the concrete purpose. 

The Office handles a personal data with due diligence and protects those data in a maximum possible extent corresponding to the technical level of available means.  

This document is updated as necessary. 


ERO is the administrator of the personal data, deputized by the ERO Board. The data administrator, that are obtained to fulfil one or more purposes, gathers, disposes and holds full responsibility for its regular and legitimate processing. So that the Office continuously introduces and improves the appropriate technical and organizational measures in order to provide personal data protection. 

Processed data

Personal data processed by ERO are adequate, relevant and restricted to the necessary extent in relation to a purpose, it is gathered for. Simultaneously ERO respects the law requirements and protects its rightful interests. Employees have access to a personal data according to their work duties. The Office keeps records about activities and its processing. 

The personal data, that ERO can process without previous agreement from data subject:

  • Identification data – personal data used for unequivocal and non-commutable data subject identification (first name and surname, birth certificate number if given, date of birth, permanent address, identity card number, signature, if entrepreneur is a natural person also identification number and other things)
  • Contact data – data provided by data subject for the purpose of contact from the ERO side (for example e-mail, telephone number etc.);
  • Data mentioned in a curriculum vitae of a job applicant.

Legal rights, on basis the Office processes data on 

The list of the most important legal regulations is stated at the end of this document. 

The reason for data processing

ERO is the administrative authority responsible for regulation in the energy sector. Personal data are processed for legal reasons, on their basis ERO fulfils its function. Numerous data must be subsequently processed for archiving reasons. 

Data keeping period

ERO keeps personal data only for the necessary period of time, that more specifies legal regulation, According to this legal regulation, the information are processed. If some period is not contained in the legal regulation, the Office acts upon the shredding plan in accordance with the archival and registry law. The Office, in connection to personal data processing, respects the rules for data minimalization and necessary time limitedness for storage.

Are you obliged to provide us your personal data?

Providing your personal data to ERO is necessary for the processing reasons in order to fulfil legal obligations, to protect our rightful interests or to perform a contract. In all the mentioned cases above, providing personal data is mandatory. 

Personal data sources

The Office primarily processes data, that are provided by the data subject. In cases, when personal data processing is necessary for reaching the objective, data are refilled from the other sources, from the basic registers or public registers, if that is given in the legal regulation. 

Personal data recipients

ERO provides personal data to the state authorities within fulfilling legal obligations set up by the special regulations – concerning mainly state authorities, courts, authorities active in the criminal trial, etc. 

Data subject rights

Subjects may ask for the information about their personal data processing by ERO, on the basis of request. Within ERO, data subject may makes a claim via personal data protection commissioner, who is obliged to process initiates and requests connected with personal data protection. 

The right for access may be restricted mainly from the trade secrets protection, intellectual property and know-how reasons and for the personal data third party protection reason; and also in a cases, when this data access is restricted by the special law regulation.

Other rights of data subjects in relation to personal data processing:

  • Request access to the personal data, but rights of the third parties cannot be violated;
  • Request their correction, or completion;
  • Request restriction of processing;
  • Anytime file a protest against processing;
  • Request erasure;
  • Request portability;
  • Make a complaint about processing at the supervising authority (The Office for Personal Data Protection).

Entire requests are registered in the data subjects requests register, including description of the way of resolution.
In relation to those rights is valid that:

  • In the case of repeated request for information or other acts, ERO has a right to charge a fee according to administrative costs;
  • ERO has a right to refuse requests in a case, when data subjects don't sufficiently prove their identity;

o  Identity may be proven in the following ways:

o  By personal delivery of paper request, by showing valid identification document;

o  By delivery of paper request with officially certified signature;

o  By delivery of e-mail message with electronic signature of applicant;

o  By sending requests by the data mail box from the data mail box of an applicant.

  • ERO is not obliged to satisfy all the rights, for instance can't erase a data, because personal data are processed for the reasons given by the above mentioned laws;
  • Commissioner provides information without undue delay, until one month. In some cases, deadline may be in respect to complicatedness and number of requests prolonged for another two months.  

Contact data


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Personal Data Protection Commissioner 

Energy Regulatory Office
Mgr. Bc. David Švéda
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Phone: + 420 567 120 721

Supervising Authority

The Office for Personal Data Protection
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170 00 Prague 7
Phone: + 420 234 665 111


Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council