Ten Defence Commandments against Cheaters in Energy Sector

  1. Don't let anyone to force you to do anything. Your way to a cheaper electricity or gas shall primarily start by your own initiative, not on the basis of a salesman initiative. Still, if you decide to negotiate with a salesman, prepare in advance at least some rough idea of your goal, you want to achieve. There may help you a website comparative instruments, one of them offers ERO: http://kalkulator.eru.cz/ (available in Czech version only).
  1. Always ask first, if you directly deal with your supplier, or with a middleman. It makes a big difference. Each of them is a subject to diverse law regulations, there are mainly differences in the period of withdrawal from the contract. The supplier owns a licence on the electricity supply, while middleman only offers (resells) offers from one or more suppliers. Middleman may also asks for exclusiveness to administer your offtake point – if you give it to a middleman, you have no more right to choose your own supplier for agreed period of time under penalty of sanction. 
  1. If someone rings your doorbell and says, that they are ERO or ECC (European Consumer Centre Czech Republic) employees, they probably lie. Those administrative authorities don't sell electricity nor gas, don't check invoices by the door-to-door way, etc. The same situation is with the representatives of distributors, even though they check metering devices, they don't sell electricity nor gas. Does a door-to-door seller say to come from your current supplier?  Ask them to prove it. Dishonest sellers often claim to be some of the big energy supplier – in the person or by the phone. 
  1. Is the door-to-door sale restricted by the public notice and a door-to-door seller has violated this notice? Do not hesitate to contact (municipal) police.
  1. Is someone calling on your phone, writing you e-mail? First of all, ask them question, where they have your contact from and if they have your agreement for sending commercial information. If they don't have your agreement, report this business practice to The Office for Personal Data Protection (http://www.uoou.cz/en/). Never undertake anything during a telephone call.
  1. Don't accept any presents, refuse any type of service „on specific conditions for free". Familiar example of „presents" misuse are LED bulbs or unpaid consultancy. It is sufficient to terminate a contract in a period, that Energy act enables without a sanction, but seller or middleman may ask you to pay those „presents", that have been bought on the basis of the Civil code. 
  1. Never undertake to sign a contract, that you have not seen yet. Don't say „yes" on the phone to any seller, because a contract may be also concluded over the phone. If you sign up for an auction, choose the one, that enables you not to sign the final offer (certainly without sanction). 
  1. Never sign anything (contract, power of attorney, application etc.), that you haven't read and fully understood. If you don't understand anything, always ask. Only after full comprehension, decide if you want to sign it. 
  1. Don't be passive! Solve potential disputes with your supplier immediately, from the very beginning. If your supplier doesn't respond or you don't agree with the proposed solution, please don't hesitate to contact ERO. If you have problem with your middleman, European Consumer Centre Czech Republic (http://www.coi.cz/en/) may help you. If you don't know, who you have spoken with, please contact one of the above mentioned Authorities, they hand over your initiate between them. 
  1. Please do remember, that you may withdraw from the contract about electricity or gas supply without any sanction anytime till 14 days from the day, you concluded a contract and you may terminate a contract the latest 15th day after start of a supply.