Public consultation on adjustment of the gas market model in the Czech Republic

Apr 12, 2017

Hereby Energy regulatory office establishes public consultation on adjustment of the gas market model in the Czech Republic which was jointly developed and proposed by gas storage operators in the Czech Republic, innogy Gas Storage, SPP Storage, MND Gas Storage a Moravia Gas Storage (hereinafter "proposal").

Rules of the public consultation:

  1. The only possible way for responses to the consultation document is via Please use only this address to deliver your replies.

  2. The consultation is open till 23 May 2017.

  3. Comments received after the closing date will not be taken into consideration.

  4. Please use plain English or Czech and avoid acronyms.

  5. Please identify which part of the consultation document you are referring to.

  6. Any statement is expected to be promoted with a justification.

  7. All the contributions will be considered as public.

  8. All the contributions will be published on the ERO's website in an anonymous way.

  9. All contributions (in anonymised form) will be passed to proposers of proposal in order to settle them properly.


Energy regulatory office is going to be both a transparency supervisor of the consultation process and party to the consultation process. Proposers are fully in charge of contribution settlement as well as consequent proposal adjustment.

Based on the Energy act, Energy regulatory office is the responsible authority in charge of setting transparent and non-discriminatory rules for the gas market in the Czech Republic not establishing imbalance between both market participants' rights and obligations. Therefore Energy regulatory office will decide on proposal acceptance whilst assessing impact of the proposal on every particular group of gas market participants. The emphasis will be laid on protection of legitimate interests of customers and consumers in the energy sector.

Conceivable amendment of the public notice on the gas market rules in the context of the proposal will be subject to the public consultation as part of the legislative process as required by the energy act.

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