Implementation of Commission Regulation (EU) No 312/2014 - proposal of model

Mar 9, 2015

Based on the issued Commission Regulation (EU) No 312/2014, of 26 March 2014 establishing a Network Code on Gas Balancing of Transmission Networks (also referred to as the "Regulation"), it is necessary to implement into national legislation.

For this purpose, the Authority launched a public consultation process by publishing the draft Plan Implementation Regulation (EU) no. 312/2014 of 26 March 2014 establishing a Network Code on Gas Balancing of Transmission Networks. Based on the results of this public consultation process to published Conception, a proposal of model implementation Regulation is submitted to the gas market participants, which is attached below incl. annex.

ERO invites the gas market participants to participate in a public consultation process by sending its reasoned suggestions, comments or suggestions regarding the implementation model regulation while respecting the rules of the consultation process.

The English translation of the published document will follow on 20 March 2015.

Rules of consultation process

  1. Comments, instigations, proposals for add-ons to the presented model of gas system balancing can be presented to the Office via the e-mail address , while stating the subject "NC BAL – Consultation Process"

  2. All the comments and instigations sent pursuant to point 1 have to be submitted in the following form: a comment, rationale for the comment and the alternative proposal as such.

  3. Comments and instigations will be processed through update of this document which will be published on the website of the Office.

  4. Comments, instigations and standpoints regarding the submitted questions can be sent by 31 March 2015 to the e-mail address stated above.

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