Coupling of Czech, Slovak and Hungarian Day-ahead Electricity Markets starts on 11th September 2012

Aug 17, 2012

The Steering Group of CZ-SK-HU Market Coupling (MC) Project approved the readiness of all systems to launch the CZ-SK-HU Market Coupling. The project parties proudly announce coupling of the Czech, Slovak and Hungarian Day-ahead electricity markets starts on 11th September (trading day) for the delivery day of 12th September 2012. This is the next step to the creation of the European Internal Electricity Market.

The Steering Group of Czech-Slovak-Hungarian Market Coupling welcomed the reports of working groups on the latest development of the Project on its teleconference on 16th August 2012. Based on the positive results of the testing period, the parties agreed to set the go-live date of the Market Coupling to 11th September 2012 being the first trading day for the deliveries of 12th September 2012. This means that day-ahead bids and offers of registered traders of the three countries could be traded together up to available cross-border capacity without trader´s obligation to have reserved cross-border capacity by the means of explicit daily capacity auction organized by CAO (SK-HU border). The procedure is starting on 11th September 2012 with the Gate Closure Time for entering bids set to 11h00 a.m.

Igor Chemišinec (Member of the Board of OTE) said: I am very happy that we are ready to go-live very soon. I would like to thank for the contribution and hard work of all project members during the implementation and the support of trading participants during the member tests.

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