About ERO


The Energy Regulatory Office ("ERO", "the Office") was set up on 1 January 2001 under Act No. 458/2000 of 28 November 2000, on the Conditions of Business and State Administration in Energy Industries and Changes to Certain Laws (the Energy Act) as amended, as an administrative authority responsible for regulation in the energy sector.

The Energy Regulatory Office is based in Jihlava and it also has offices in Prague and Ostrava. The Board of the Energy Regulatory Office, which has five members, has run the Energy Regulatory Office since 1 August 2017. One of the Board´s members is the chairman of the Board. Members of the Board and its chairman are appointed and dismissed by the government at the proposal of the Minister of Industry and Trade.

The Board adopts decisions by voting. Each Board member has one vote. A decision of the Board is adopted if at least three members vote for it.

The Board is regarded as a civil service body in accordance with the Act on the Civil Service.

Competences of the Energy Regulatory Office:

  • Price controls
  • Support for the use of renewable and secondary energy sources and combined heat and power generation
  • Protection of customers´and consumers' interests
  • Protection of licence holders' vested interests
  • Inquiries into conditions for competition
  • Co-operation with the Office for the Protection of Competition (ÚOHS)
  • Support for competition in the energy industries
  • Supervision over markets in the energy industries


The number of ERO employees has been set at 313.