How to terminate a contract on the bundle supply of services?

By signing a contract, every customer has undertaken to comply with it (for a specific period of time). A contractual relationship has to be terminated in compliance with the contract, its amendment and with the general terms and conditions, which form an integral part of the contract. A withdrawal, termination by notice or cancellation of a contractual relationship is a unilateral legal act, which does not need the acceptance of the other party. Hence, the supplier has no obligation under the law to respond to the withdrawal notice you have sent. Section 30(2)(m) of the Energy Act (for electricity) and Section 61(2)(m) of the Energy Act (for gas) stipulate that in cases where the customer exercises his/her right to switch a supplier, the supplier is obliged to notify the customer who has filed a notice of termination of a contract for supply or electricity of the termination date of electricity/gas.

When may the disconnection of a supply point occur?

According to law, the supplier may have the supply point disconnected in cases where the customer repeatedly fails to fulfil the agreed payment obligations. The supply point is always disconnected by the operator of the distribution system, not by the supplier. In cases where the supplier initiates steps leading to the disconnection of a supply point (submits to the distribution system operator a request for disconnection of the supply point), but the supply point is not disconnected, the supplier may charge to the customer the costs related to the initiation of the supply suspension procedure.


I am moving and the new owner has selected a different supplier. What can I do?

Sanctions related to the sale of property or moving where the reason for terminating a contract was the change of the owner are governed by the executed contract on the bundle supply of services and the general terms and conditions. This depends on the procedure agreed between the customer and supplier for the cases of leaving a supply point, i.e. if the customer has arranged that no sanctions for termination of the contract will apply in case a timely notification and submission of plausible evidence for leaving the supply point.


Energy Consumer Checklist

One of the instruments for increasing the awareness of consumers, which has been introduced upon the initiative of the , is the creation of the "Energy Consumer Checklist" out of a harmonised list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) to be used in each Member State. The Czech version of the Checklist has been compiled by the Energy Regulatory Office. We welcome your suggestions and questions regarding the improvement of our checklist in the Czech Republic, which should become a guideline for resolving disputes encountered by the Czech households encounter.

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